12 Principles of Leadership

Principle #1: Extreme Ownership

Principle #2:There are no bad teams, only bad leaders

Principle #3: Believe

Principle #4: Check the Ego

Principle #5: Teamwork

Principle #6: Simple

Principle #7: Prioritize and Execute

  • Evaluate the highest priority problem
  • Lay out in simple, clear, and concise terms the highest priority effort for your team.
  • Develop and determine a solution , seek input from key leaders and from the team where possible.
  • Direct the execution of that solution, focusing all efforts and resources toward this priority task.
  • Move on to the next highest priority problem. Repeat.
  • When priorities shift within the team, pass situational awareness both up and down the chain.
  • Don’t let focus on one priority cause target fixation. Maintain the ability to see other problems developing and rapidly shift as needed.

Principle #8: Decentralized Command

Principle #9: Plan

Principle #10: Leading Down the Chain of Command

Principle #11: Leading Up the Chain of Command

Principle #12: Decisiveness Amid Uncertainty

Principle #13: The Dichotomy of Leadership

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Skeptic, Generalist, Ignoramus

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Alex Czartoryski

Alex Czartoryski

Skeptic, Generalist, Ignoramus

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