• Ian Tremblay

    Ian Tremblay

    I don't always tweet, but when I do, it's usually something cool. Or to win a contest.

  • Abdul Basit

    Abdul Basit

    Online Business and web Addict. Lives in Delhi. I help entrepreneurs and organisations to identify their current positioning & challenges in the market.

  • Jim Gray

    Jim Gray

    Engineer & data scientist, specializing in marketing automation, customer issues, and repeatable growth processes. https://grayj.co

  • qudoos


  • Timothy Jensen

    Timothy Jensen

    Director of Digital Strategies @Overit, PPC/analytics guy, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, follower of Christ

  • Timothy Dunn

    Timothy Dunn

  • Jesse Andrew

    Jesse Andrew

    Tech, IoT, and smart home enthusiast — living in an Apple ecosystem. Interested in the latest trends and gadgets. Boston-based tech marketer.

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